Cobetter Filtration

Cobetter offers a full range of manufacturing capabilities for the filtration market including membrane development, filter production, filter housing design production, and validation analysis services. Cobetter dedicates itself to providing Filtration, Separation, & Purification Solutions across all industries with a mian focus on Semiconductor. Cobetter provides over 1,800+ technical analysis reports annually for customers in the pharmaceutical industry and over 2,000+ technical analysis reports annually for customers in chemical, microelectronics and life sciences industries. We supply second source filters a.o. for:

  • Entegris QuickChange NX (e.g. NXPZ30CM21S300, NXPZ300M31FP, NX2VX10M21FP, NXCGXS0000P, NX2GX10M21FP)
  • Entegris QuickChange QC (e.g. QCDYATM2F, QCCVATX01, QCVYATE3S)
  • Entegris Fluorogard NX (e.g. CTFG0STPE, CTCZT200QKH, CWEA010V1, CTCVT100Q0H)
  • Pall UltiKleen (e.g. LDFVT1GPQL128E71-K7, LDFGN1GPQL124E51-K7, LDFN09UCFT08E51-K3, LDFN09UCFT12E51K3, LDFN09UCFR12E51K3)
  • Pall Emflon (e.g. ABD1UFN3EH1-HV2, AB1FC8EJ, AB1FR7EH1, AB2FR8EHF, AB1FD8EH1)