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Apesfend Electronic-Grade DI Water Fine Filtration Filter

FDS Filter Cartridge Series

Apesfend Filter Cartridges are constructed of a high polymer-based asymmetric PES membrane which provides high dirt holding capacity and long service lifetime. EAPS Filter Cartridges are ideally suited for ultra-pure water and diluted acid/base filtration.

Feature and Benefits

  • Efficient Particle Removal; Removal Ratings up to 30nm ensure the quality of pure water. It can be used in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, it can be regarded as a replacement for UF filters. Pre-Romsed with 18MT/cm Water Ensures Filter Cleanliness
  • Higher Dirt Holding Capacity and Longer Lifetime; Asymmetric membrane structure provideshigh flow rates with lower differential pressures and a longer filter lifetime.
  • Each Element is Individually Integrity Tested
  • Low Extractable
  • Low ion release and good recovery conductivity save inline flushing time

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