DS Fibertech

DS Fibertech is an industry leading manufacturer of custom heater elements, high and low temp furnace chambers, semiconductor diffusion heaters, ceramic vacuum formed heaters and insulation shapes, SOFC test heaters, and laboratory furnaces.  DS Fibertech Corporation offers excellent customer service and competitive lead times to support customer needs. DS Fibertech Corporation offers direct replacements of diffusion heater elements from OEMs, such as: Tokyo Electron (TEL): VMM-56-002APM, VMM-56-201APM, VMM-40-101APM, VMM40-102APM, VMU-40-102EXAPM, VMM-35-001APM, VMM-35-002APM, VMU-54-001APM, VMU-40-009APM, VMU40-007APM, VMU-40-007EXAPM, VMU-40-007SEAPM, VMU-40-003APM, VMU-28-017APM, VMU-28-014APM, VOS-56-003, VOS-56-002, VOS-40-017, VMU-40-007, VMU-40-103, VMM-40-101, VMM-40-102, VMM-40-005, VMU-28-017, VMU-54-001 Hitachi Kokusai: F-330C-88V-4Z, F-330C-93V-4Z, D4EX04882, D4EX03531, D4EX02648 Axcelis: ST-200 Silicon Valley Group (SVG): 602783-02, 602783-03 Various Other OEM Models: UL-260-08H-MK3(W), HDS-610A5-C, F-210V-87, FC-200, FC200L, DC-1300, DC-1300PLUS, DCHT-500 If you are looking for a diffusion heater that is not listed, please contact us.