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CMP Slurry Filtration Solution

Suitable for CMP polishing system in the slurry recirculation / global loop and at point-of-use (POU)


  • Nano-fiber Media Multi-layer Nano-fiber media provides high flow rates and dirt holding capacity
  • Patent on Filter Construction Design Perfectly integrate depth, pleated and rolled technologies in filter design
  • Continuously Graded Pore Structure Effectively removes defective particles with the size distribution unchanged. Provides long service life and high dirt holding capacity.
  • One-piece Construction: One-piece construction means it’s easy to install, clean, and replace


  • Keevalid; Rolled or Melt-blown Depth PP Medium for CMP 50nm-40µm
  • Pleavalid; Pleated PP Medium Filter for CMP 0.2µm-5.0µm
  • Nylonvalid; Nylon Membrane Filter foor CMP 50nm-3.0µm

We supply second source filter to for example the following Pall p/n’s:

  • DFA4201FRES
  • DFA6402FDE
  • AB1V0023EYH1

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