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Photopex Litho filters

Photopex Nylon Ultra-high Efficiency Filter

With high flow rate performance, excellent retention capabilities and cleanliness, Cobetter Photopex Nylon Filter Cartridges are able to filter photoresists, solvents and other chemicals in semiconductor processes

Photopex UPE Nano Level Filter

With retention ratings from 1nm to 0.2µm, Cobetter Photopex UPE Filter Cartridges ensure excellent retention capabilities, cleanliness and high chemical compatibility to meet the critical demands in semiconductor processes.

Photopex Multi Membrane Construction Filter

According to different application requirements, use Cobetter’s know-how and experience to customize the product Dual-layer membrane structure, to provide higher filtration efficiency for more sophisticated semiconductor process Using high purity PE structure and apply the ultra-clean technology to ensure filter’s cleanliness


  • Photoresist Filtration
  • Solvent Filtration
  • Photochemical Filtration
  • Wet Clean


  • Higher Efficiency
  • Higher Chemical Compatibility Better Initial Cleanliness
  • Ultra-low Metal and Organic Extractables

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