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Chemvast Absolute-Rated Filter Cartridges

Cobetter Chemvast Filter Series are available in wide variety of PTFE membranes including hydrophobic PTFE, hydrophilic PTFE or non-dewetting PTFE.
HDPE Cage enhances its chemical compatibility making it suitbable for most chemical liquid filtration applications. It effectively removes particles from high purity chemicals in the semiconductor industry. Available in a wide range of retention ratings and pore sizes to meet customer’s requirements.
Non-dewetting PTFE increases the surface energy of the membrane and ensures high flow rates and filtration efficiency. With its HDPE Cage and high purity membrane, Chemvast Filters reduce costs when compared to Chemrapid Filter Series. Chemvast Hydrophilic PTFE membrane can be used to filter polar solvents without pre-wetting.

High-viscosity photoresist and photochemicals Wet etch and clean
Bulk chemicals

Wet etch and clean
Suitable for a wide range of chemicals filtration 100% integrity tested
High flow rates, low pressure drop, long life time
Low metal extractables and Enhanced retention of particles, avoid cross contamination.

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