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Chemega High-Efficiency Filtration for Chemicals

Chemega is constructed of a PTFE membrane that provides excellent chemical compatibility and is inherently hydrophobic. It is specically designed to limition iron extraction so that it meets the requirements of chemicals and organic solvents in the electronics industry.
Chemega Filter Cartridge Series constructed of a hydrophilic PTFE membrane that is ready-to-use to filter polar solvents without the need for pre-wetting.


  • PTFE Membrane: IPA or Solvent in FPD, Data Storage Industry.
  • Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane: DIW, WEC, Acid/Alkaline Solution of Developer

We supply second source filters to, a.o., the following


  • SNB0253E1


  • DFA2A010F64
  • D75050053F1

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