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Novacon Ultra High Precision Chemical Filter

High retention efficiency, flow rates and surface area allow for a rapid operation
Cobetter Novacon Series are especially designed for acids, bases and other process chemicals as a cost-effective alternative for wet etch and clean applications where low temperature is required.
The asymmetric PES membrane provides significant retention of particles (down to 1nm) with additional characteristics including high flow rates, high dirt holding capacity, and longer filter lifetime. In addition, the membrane structure reduces bubbles formation during flow. These filters have high mechanical strength and are suitable for a wide variety of filtration processes.
The HDPE cage ensures low metal extractables during filtration.
Cobetter Novacon Disposable Filters have an all fluorine construction. Its one-piece structural design makes it easy to install and replace and ensures cleanliness.


  • Process: Wet Etch and Cleans.
  • Installation Point: Point of Tool.
  • Low temperature processes (<70°C 1 ).
  • Chemistry: Dilute acids (such as BOE/DHF/SC2);
  • Dilute bases (such as SC1/TMAH); DIW.


  • Reduce equipment pre-operation time
  • Excellent retention
  • Very high flow rates and longer life
  • Ultralow metal ion extractables option
  • Manufactured in a cleanroom environment
  • 100% integrity tested

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