White Knight

White Knight manufactures air-operated double-bellows (AODB) pumps, air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, and metering pumps. Their high-purity pumps are used to deliver, circulate,reclaim, and transport chemical fluids andslurries for semiconductor, solar, LEDs, flat-panel display, and electronics industries.  

Solutions for Semiconductor, Solar, LEDs, Displays, Electronics

Metering Pumps White Knight pneumatic and electronic metering pumps accurately dispense up to 100 ml and 50 ml, respectively. Their fully-supported Teflon® PTFE rolling diaphragms maximize pressure capabilities and ensure safe, reliable chemical dispense. High-Pressure Pump High-pressure pump offers up to 40 bar (580 psi) liquid discharge pressures. It dispenses up to 60 ml/min. They feature metal-free flow paths to prevent ionic contamination. They are capable of receiving up to 7 Bar (100 psi) air supply pressures. Mini-Pump Mini-pumps offer up to 300 ml/min flow rates and 160 psi discharge pressures. They feature Teflon® PTFE and PFA fluid paths, and spring-loaded checks enable them to mount in any direction. Solenoid valves actuate each suction and dispense Pressure Regulators Automatically maintain and accurately control pressure for circulation loops or multiple dispense points without additional circuitry or feedback. Pressure regulators are remotely piloted and feature fully-swept Teflon® PTFE and PFA flow paths. Filter Housings Universal, compact, multi-chamber filter housings with PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemicals. Dual-bowl and quad-bowl filter housings are available in parallel or in-line (series) models. Debubblers White Knight debubblers reduce bubbles from chemical delivery and wafer process systems. They feature chemically-resistant PTFE and PFA fluid paths for high-purity chemical applications.  

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