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Prifend Long Lifetime Pre-RO Cartridge Water Filter

FDP Filter Cartridge Series

Cobetter High Service Time FDP (Guard Filters) Filter Cartridges are made of continuously rolled microfiber. They provide 3x greater lifetime than normal meltblown filters. These filters are generally used where longer lifetime, high dirt holding capacity, and low

change-out frequency are required. They are suitable for use in pre-RO filtration in water treatment applications.


Feature and Benefits

Extended Service Life Made of continuously rolled microfiber media, they provide high dirt holding capacity. Their lifetime is 3x greater than normal meltblown filters.

Available in a Wide Range of Pore Sizes: Available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.5-20µm to meet different application requirements. Also available in different end cap configurations so as to fit different filter housings.

Rolled Construction Design; A rolled construction design provides improved retention efficiency, which results in a better filtration performance when compared to other meltblown filters

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