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Vertical Furnace for R&D and production

SVCS Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) is designed for all standard atmospheric and low pressure CVD processes. VTR is available with several lengths of flat zone for both mass production and R&D application. The single tube set-up with dual boat logistics is optimized for minimum down time as well as  low maintenance costs.

Typical Applications

  • Annealing
  • Diffusion
  • Wet and Dry oxidation


  • Automatic wafer handling system for loading wafers from SMIF or FOUP closed pods
  • Special automatic loading system by SVCS which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint
  • Quartz, SiC or mono-Si boats can be used
  • State of the art modular control system, inhouse designed, highly tailored and inhouse manufactured
  • Top notch components always selected for excelent results and trouble free long life of the furnace equipment
  • Integration of vacuum pump system in cooperation with leading vacuum pump manufacturers

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