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Horizontal PECVD Furnace

The design of the SVCS Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition furnaces combines the multiple process capability with the needs of a maximum capacity for full production system (SVpFUR-FP) and high flexibility small scale versions for use in research and pilot production (SVpFUR-RD). It provides an easy-to-maintain, safe and reliable horizontal furnace platform.

The SVCS design is outstanding for high efficiency, minimised footprint and low cost of ownership while offering high process flexibility.

PECVD Processes

  • Silicon nitride (including anti-reflective SiN solar cell coating)
  • Silicon oxide
  • Oxinitride

Features and Benefits

  • State of the art modular control system; in-house designed, highly tailored and in-house manufactured
  • Top notch components always selected for excellent results and trouble free long life of the furnace equipment
  • Up to 4 stacked quartz  tube reactor chambers for various procesess
  • Multiple methods of vacuum control, heated or unheated
    • Throttling Butterfly Valve – TBV
    • N₂ ballast
    • Vacuum pump control with frequency converter
  • Integration of vacuum pump system in cooperation with leading vacuum pump manufacturers
  • Advanced water cooling tube level system: no thermal interference between different tubes
  • On request integration of RF generators in cooperation with leading manufacturers
  • Proprietary designed water cooled flanges
  • Proprietary inhouse manufactured RF generators
  • Proprietary designed inhouse assembled graphite wafer carriers
  • Contactless fully automated boat-in-tube loading cantilever with proprietary ceramic incapsulated twin rod system
  • Maintenance friendly mechanical design

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