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Accuheat™ Quartz In-Line Gas Heaters

Accuheat™ G-Series gas heaters. Quartz is the only material to contact gasses being heated, which prevent particle adders and contaminates. The heaters are available in various sizes, wattages, and in single-tube or double-tube configurations. Single or double-tube configurations allow for a wide range of temperatures and flows. Double-tube configurations allow for high flows, almost a doubling of a single-tube configuration. Flexible controls are also available to monitor and adjust the heater element temperature for low flow, intermittent applications. Power Modulators may be purchased separately to protect the heater against low-no flow conditions.

Tube-in-Tube Quartz Gas Flow Path
The unique tube-in-tube quartz design offers efficient heat transfer in an ultrapure, non-metallic, narrow flow path. The all-quartz flow path eliminates metals that could break down and shed particulates. Quarts offers more efficient heat transfer than other materials. The narrow flow path ensures close contact of gasses to heated surfaces to dramatically improve efficiency compared to other designs.

Key Product Features
– All quartz gas flow path, metal free path
– Double quartz tube construction for efficient heat transfer
– FM-4910 Compliant PVDF Housing
– RTD provided for monitoring internal gas temperature
– Over-Temperature thermocouple attached to heater element provided for redundant protection
– Over-Temperature snap switch for backup safety

Compatible Gases
Accuheat in-line gas heater are designed for heating a wide range of gases.
– Ammonia (NH3)
– Helium (He)
– Argon (Ar)
– Hydrogen (H2)
– Arsine (AsH3)
– Hydrogen Bromide (HBr)
– Boron Trichloride (BCl3)
– Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)
– Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
– Nitrogen Heater (N2)
– Carbon Monoxide (CO)
– Chlorine (Cl2)
– Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
– Oxygen (O2)
– Disilane (Si2H6)
– Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
– Methylsilane (SiH3CH3)
– And more…

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