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Accuheat™ Quartz In-Line Chemical Heaters

Accuheat™ chemical in-line heaters consist of ultrapure quartz tubes, wrapped in an Inconel heater element that provides even, conductive heat over the entire area. Alumina Silica insulation is tightly packed to minimize heat loss and the PTFE housing offers chemical resistance and a low surface temperature. Temperature sensors and leak detection devices are included within the housing to ensure safe and efficient operation. For the ultimate in high purity, Accuheat™ quartz heaters can be made of synthetic quartz materials with even lower trace element levels than standard semiconductor-grade materials

Key Benefits
– Uniform heating
– No purge or cooling required
– Easy to install, less expensive to operate
– Minimal heat-up time – no energy wasted
– Redundant safety features for a safe environment
– Zero maintenance
– IMTEC reliability with our 40 years of experience
– Available in ultrapure synthetic quartz

Feature: Zero Maintenance
– No lamp replacement
– No calibration
– No reflectors to clean
– No leaks
– Self draining

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