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Static Quartz Heated Tanks
High Operating Temperatures – Operates up to 190° and can be used with any quartz compatible chemistries.
Flexibility – Variety of standard and custom sizes available. Multiple drain configurations and a complete line of accessories allow for easy integration.

Recirculating Quartz Heated Tanks
Small Footprint – Vertically built saving approximately 3 inches of wet-system linear deck space per vessel.
High Particle Removal Efficiency – Raised 360° weir with scalloped 45° knife edge rim pulls particles over the weir edge.
Better Performance – Sump designed to reduce low liquid level heater problems and to prevent recirculating pump air ingestion.
Longer Life – AquaSeal high-strength welded quartz inlet and outlet ports, and raised weir design ensures superior vessel life.

– Tank Material: Virgin Annealed quartz, firepolished
– Housing Material: Fire Retardant Polypropylene
– Housing Material FM 4910 Optional: PVDF
– Over-temperature sensor 1: Two (2) J-type thermocouples
– Over-temperature sensor 2: Thermostatic snap switch (opens at 210°C +/- 7°C)
– Heater Elements: Low watt density Inconel foil
– Insulation: High Density Aluminum Silicate
– Max. operating temperature: 190°C
– Operating voltage: Model dependent
– Limited Warranty: One Year standard or 30 months for tanks with Aquaseal option

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