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Waste Drum Cabinet

JST’s drum cabinets can be configured a variety of ways to safely handle chemistry to and from the process baths in a Workstation. The cabinets are sized for 30 or 55 liter drums and designed to hold one or multiple drums. The cabinets are manufactured from FM4910 material, meet SEMI S2 guide lines and CE Mark. Solvent Drum Cabinets are double walled constructed incorporated with CO2 Fire Suppression. Facility inlets and outlets are NPT couplings for plumbing double wall piping between the drum cabinets and Workstation.

Waste drum cabinets located remotely from the Workstation collects used chemistry for bulk disposal using drums when waste chemistry facility drains are not available.

In facilities that do not accommodate gravity feed lines to the drum cabinet, a pneumatic pump located within the Workstation is used to drain the chemistry from the process bath to the Waste Drum Cabinet. Liquid level sends signal status to the front control panel showing the volume of waste chemistry by percentage. The near full and full status alarm is a pre set value. The near full percentage setting indicates the drum needs changing out to an empty drum. The full percentage liquid level setting is interlocked to the inoperative pneumatic pump condition until a new drum has been installed and the reset condition is satisfied. Full LL level audio alarm is optional.

Dual Waste Cabinets are configured to hold two drums with the capability to automatically switch over to a second drum when the first drum becomes full.

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