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IPA Vapor Dryer

JST’s “CLV” Dryer utilizes a patented, environmentally friendly, ultra clean technology for precision drying of silicon wafers, III-V Compound wafers,  glass substrates, disk drives, optic lenses and many other products.

Precision drying is critical for maintaining the cleaning process. JST’s CLV is a hybrid of two proven technologies: vacuum drying and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) drying. JST’sCLV Dryer utilizes the best features of both in an effective closed loop process. Ultra clean vapor is remotely generated and then introduced into a sealed drying chamber. The closed loop system allows fresh IPA vapor to rinse the surface to be dried,  penetrating the surface areas and absorbing the moisture. A low pressure vacuum pulls any remaining moisture from the sealed chamber and away from the product being dried.

• 10 Minute Dry Cycle with Quartz Low Profile Cassettes
• Average 66 cc IPA per Cycle
• Particle Neutral Drying to 0.16

At the end of the drying cycle the chamber is backfilled with argon or nitrogen gas so that the cleaned, dried product is removed from a virtually inert atmosphere.

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