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Universal Solvent Heater (stainless steel tubing)

A premium cast-in circulation heater with Stainless Steel tubing providing an array of special features to safely heat volatile solvents.

– Wafer Cleaning & Rinsing (Wet Bench Systems)
– Heating of Flow-Flashpoint Solvents & Acids
– For Use with Single Pass or Recirculating Systems
– Similar Uses as PFA-Tube Heaters, but Higher Temp Limits
– Processes Involving Explosive Vapors
– Situations where Exact Temperature Control is Critical

– Fluid Path has No Contact with Heating Elements
– Allows for Safe Heating of Low Flashpoint Solvents
– Heated Media is Isolated in Seamless 316 Stainless Steel Tubes
– Solvent Tubes are Passivated and Electro-Polished for Purity
– Self-Draining Flow-Tubes Eliminate Trapped Debris
– Cooling Tube Quick Reduces Heat Below Flashpoint
– ATEX/NEMA 7 Explosion-Proof Electrical Enclosure
– Equipped with Robust Sensor & Switch Array

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