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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

JST’s 100 Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner is self contained, fully automated roll in unit designed for precision parts cleaning.

Place the parts into the dry bath and select your recipe. The parts are cleaned, rinsed and dried according to your preset parameters within the recipe. The heated ultrasonic overflow bath and support plumbing perform highly effective, reliable cleaning using a wide variety of organic solvents and aqueous surfactant solutions.

The primary cleaning chemistry is filtered and stored in the reservoir for use in subsequent cleaning cycles. Washed parts are rinsed using full coverage DI water sprays and cascade DI water rinsing. Clean, hot filtered air or nitrogen dries the parts.

The process is controlled by an industrial grade PLC for starting and stopping themachine and setting parameters.One recipe is provided. Time and temperature are adjustable parameters. A real time graphical process display let you know your cleaning status.

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