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Clean Room carts

JST’s Cleanroom Carts provide a particle-free, static-safe, low-humidity environment for the transport of sensitive materials. Specialized designs and materials provide secure transport of wafer boxes, reticles and other critical parts as well as acids and corrosives.

Transport Cart
Etcher Part Cart
Acid Bottle Cart
Etcher Quartz Cart
300mm Tel Etcher Cart
Chemical Transfer Cart
200mm Hitachi Etcher Cart
Preventative Maintenance Cart
Thin Films Cart
Bottle Transport Cart
Lift and Transport Cart

Cleanroom Carts

• ESD Safe Enclose Electronic Cart
• Wafer Box Carts
• Utility Carts
• Wafer Transport Cart
• Adjustable Tote Cart
• Electronics Tray Carts
• Computer Cart
• IPA Cart
• Dessicart – Low Humity Transport Carts
• Reticle Storage
• Laminar Flow Transport Cart
• Battery Operated Lift Carts

Wet Chemical Carts

• Dead Man Brake Chemical Safety Cart
• FM 4910 Non Flammable Materials Safety Cart
• Chemical Bottle Safety Cabinet and Stocker
• Chemical Transport Carts for Acids
• Stainless Steel Chemical Transport Cart
• Carboys for Acids or Solvents

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