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Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems

SVCS takes advantage of many years of experience in manufacturing tailored gas panels and gas systems for various wafer production technologies, as well as various R&D customised panels. SV DELI gas delivery system family offers a high level of technical design, components from the world leaders and a fully automatic control system with independent safety functions.


  • Gas Cabinets for 1, 2 or 3 cylinders
  • Valve Manifold Boxes (VMBs) for supplying multiple tools
  • Bulk Speciality Gas Systems (BSGS)
  • Gas Systems for various wafer production equipment
  • Customs designed R&D panels

Gas cabinet configuration

  • Open, wall mounted systems (for inert gases)
  • 1 cylinder cabinet, with purge gas from external source
  • 2 cylinder cabinet
    • 2 process gas cylinders, with purge gas from external source and automatic changeover
    • 1 process gas cylinder, 1 purge gas cylinder
  • 3 cylinder cabinet (2 × process + 1 × purge), with automatic changeover

Control system features

  • Fully automatic control system with TouchScreen display
  • Automatic cycle purging
  • Cylinder pressure or cylinder weight monitoring
  • Pressure transducer for output pressure monitoring
  • Excess flow switch
  • Programmable cylinder pressure or weight limits for automatic changeover
  • External digital inputs and outputs
  • Multiple level password protection for various operation modes
  • Ethernet interface for LAN connection


  • Orbital welded gas panels, manufactured and assembled in the class 10/100 clean room
  • Tubing, fittings, valves, pressure regulators, filters, flow devices and MFCs with either metal face or butt weld connections, surface roughness Ra max 10 µinch or better
  • 100 % helium leak test and functional test of all individual components prior to welding and panel assembly
  • Helium leak test after welding and panel assembly
  • Very low internal volume of the gas panel achieved by using special miniature weld heads
  • Compact internal vacuum generator for cycle purging

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