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M200 Ultrasonic liquid flow controller (LFC) air operated

Two types available, one for use in recirculation (circular) and one for point of use (seris general)

Accurate flow measurement with ultrasonic waveform analysis scope function. Automatic compensation for errors caused by chemical and temperature changes. It also provides various application technologies and maintenance tools through serial communication
High-speed control response (Target Flow Rate 98%, within 2 seconds)

– High-quality, high-precision semiconductor and industrial non-contact LFC with built-in control valve
– Control of various chemical liquids (DI, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia water, SC1, IPA)
– External power noise according to power separation and RFI/EMI shielding of all input/output (CE certification)
– Easy maintenance through control power unit and detector integrated wetted unit
– Built-in external output function (Sol Valve On/Off and Circulation Valve)
– Minimizes installation space by integrating AMP (2 & 6 channels)
– Minimize particles by applying a high-cleaning valve

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