Fumehood Design with Ergo Column

JST’s Fume Hood Workstations are made to provide an operator safe environment when working with volatile chemistries.

Rinse and process baths can be added supported on removable bars. Electrical controllers, switches and flow meters are located in a purged, hinged headcasing for making quick adjustments.

JST’s Fume Hood Workstations are designed for ease of maintenance, flexibility and safety. Low exhaust requirements reduce facility costs. These units are designed to be incorporated withJST’s process and rinse baths to customize a workstation to your particular application. Let JST’s experienced engineering staff help you configure a system that is just right for you.

Standard Features

• Removable Sloped Decks
• Purged Electrical Compartments
• Exhaust Failure Alarms
• Emergency Power Off
• Secondary Containment
• Lockout/Tagout Box
• Heavy Duty Casters
• Leg Levelers
• Leak Proof Plenums
• Isolated Electrical Raceways
• Fluorescent Lighting
• Seismic Anchors
• White Polypropylene
• FM Approved Materials

Optional Features Include 

• Rear Access Compartment
• Front Roll Switches
• Dedicated Drains
• Fire Suppression System
• SEMI S2 Certification/CE Marking
• 3rd Party Electrical Inspections

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