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Chemical Delivery Cart

Standard Features

• Capacity 5 to 40 Gallons
• Class 10 Cleanroom Compatible
• Pressurized Chemical Delivery Cart Docks with Quick Connect for Exhaust and Air Pressure
• Leak Proof Plenums
• Liquid Level Indicators
• Designed for Solvents, Acids or Bases
• Factory Mutual 4910 Approved Materials
• Secondary Containment with Waste Pump
• All Pneumatic Air Operated Controls
• Electrical Cable Storage Compartment
• Combination Hinged and Removable Cart Lid with Lid Storage Slot
• Interlocks to Safety Release Storage Vessel Pressure Prior to Disengaging from Docking StationESD Rated, Heavy Duty Casters with Brakes & Locking

Optional Features

• Custom Chemical Vessel Size
• Pumped Dispense
• Chemical Level Indicators
• Emergency Power Off
• Integrated Bilge Pump and Liquid Detection
• Manual Isolation Valves with/without Lockout/Tagout
• Clear Inspection Window

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