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Vertical Wafer transfer Systems

Different models possible

1, 2  or 3 stage, moving heads etc


  • The Horizon Series V will transfer a maximum of 25 wafers between two cassettes, two process boats or one process boat and one cassette. Senior series can handle up top 75 wafers
  • As with all Mactronix wafer transfer systems, the Horizon Series may be configured to accommodate a wide range of Plastic, Teflon®, Metal, Quartz, Silicon Carbide, and Polysilicon carriers.
  • PLC controlled enhancing the transfer machine’s simplicity.
  • With the push of a button, the machine transfers wafers safely and automatically.
  • The Horizon Series V machines are designed to limit particle contamination by using a stepper motor w/lead screw, “clean room grade” rails and bearings and a 1.25″ non-process exhaust port.
  • The machine will not introduce more than 1.5 particles, greater than .23 micron in diameter, per wafer per transfer (machine must be exhausted to achieve this figure).
  • All aluminum parts are hard black anodized for corrosion resistance.
  • Electronic through beam sensors are used to detect wafer presence in boats and retainers thus preventing accidental double loading and scratches.
  • Lift system uses ramped speed controls for gentle pick-up and landing.
  • Pressure sensors are used both for personal safety and to prevent wafer damage by inhibiting machine operation.
  • Retainers default to closed position to prevent the dropping of wafers in the event of a power disruption or a loss of air pressure or both.
  • A “Maintenance/Cleaning Mode” is provided to facilitate preventative maintenance.
  • The Series V machines have been tested with up to 50,000 volts of electrostatic discharge without disruption to internal electronics. The Series V machines are virtually immune to RFI noise, EMF, and ESD.
  • Uptime will exceed 99.25%.
    • MTBF (mean time between failure): 2,500 hours
    • MTBA (mean time between assist): 1,000 hours
    • MTTR (mean time to repair): 1 hour
  • PLC controller is equipped with an RS422 communications port.

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