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Teardown Workstation

JST’s Teardown Workstations provide an exhausted work area to perform manual cleaning of items having a buildup of toxic residue.  The enclosed work area is designed to draw hazardous fumes away from the operator and through the rear exhaust plenum.   The counter balanced front shield provides effortless access to the work area while closing off the area when not in use.

Shelves, upper storage area and drawers all provide plentiful storage for tools and cleaning supplies.  The exhausted lower compartment houses a 4.5 gallon capacity vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration and a waste receptacle.  Both the vacuum cleaner and waste receptacle are on slide out drawers to provide easy access. Switches for lighting and vacuum control are located within easy reach on the front of the station along with electrical GFCI outlet receptacle for additional power tools.

The workstations are constructed of 304L stainless steel and provide a stable work surface to support heavy parts while being cleaned in a well lit work area.  A flush trap door in the work surface provides trouble free access to the waste receptacle below.  The standard nitrogen hand spray gun is mounted on a coiled Teflon hose which recoils when not in use.

JST workstations deliver long term reliability with little maintenance required.  Customized options  and sizes are available.

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