Surface Particle Counter

RACCAR:Coarse Particle Counter

Size of the dusts which cause the problem is not 0.5μm but they are over 30μm. They cannot be counted by handy particle counter.

Have you ever felt like this? Most dusts which cause your products flaw are too big to count by handy particel counter. To find those bigger dusts you have to use the right tool: Coarse Particle Counter RACCAR

Dust over 30μm are affected by gravity. They fall slowly and accumulate on the surface. Coarse Particle Counter RACCAR can classify the particle size by ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm and ≧200μm and count the particle volume by each classification.

General Features and Outline Specifications

  • Model: CS-RA004
  • Classification: ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm and ≧200μm
  • Classification of coarse particles’ size: ≧30μm, ≧50μm, ≧100μm, ≧150μm and ≧200μm
  • Count number of dusts on surface of sampling plate (4 inch silicon wafer) and classify them.
  • Save image data and classified/counted data (CSV format)
  • Measuring time: 10 seconds
  • You can clean up sampling plates and use them again
  • Size: 490mm x 420mm x 275mm
  • Weight: ca. 21kg

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