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SPRINGLESS DIAPHRAGM VALVES Ultra High Pure (UHP) Valves - EMP European Market Partner
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Low Pressure & High Pressure Valves are  Designed for Ultrahigh Purity Applications, with  SS316L and SS316L VAR Body
Electropolished Wetted Surfaces,  Face Seal & Tube Butt Weld Connections with either Manual or Pneumatic Actuation

Low Pressure Model Seat Features:

• Fully contained PCTFE seat design provides
• Outstanding Resistance to Swelling and Contamination
• Improved Helium Leak Test Performance
• Minimal Particle Generation
• Long Cycle Life

Low Pressure Model Diaphragm Features

• Excellent in Strength and Corrosion Resistance
• Optimal Design for Long Cycle Life

Low Pressure Mode Body Features

• SS316L Et SS316L VAR Body Material for Ultrahigh Purity Applications
• Fully Swept Flow Path Minimizes Entrapment Areas and Maximizes Flow Capacity


• Low-pressure valves have blue handles as standard.
• Quick quarter-turn actuation
• Handle Shape provides visual identification of OPEN and CLOSED positions PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS
• Normally Open Pneumatic Actuators are marked with N.O. on top of the cylinder
• Normally Closed Pneumatic Actuators are market with N.C. on top of the cylinder

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