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OSPRAY Single Wafer Surface Preparation System

JST’s OSPRAY Single Wafer Etching and Stripping System utilizes an automated chemical spray process on a single wafer. The system includes oscillating spray nozzles, adjustable wafer speed (RPM) and precision adjustment of the distance between the nozzles and the surface of the wafer. Its automated dispense from chemical storage reservoir provides repeatible volume and mixing control. Backside rinsing or isolation is also available. The module can be installed in an existing workstation or let JST design one for you.

Standard Features

  • Adjustable Oscillating Spray Nozzles & Pressures
  • Manual Wafer Loading or Automated Transfer
  • Precision Distance Control Between nozzles & Water
  • Chemical Mixing and Blending to .02 ml accuracy
  • Chemical Dispense & Recycling
  • Precision wafer speed control from 1 rpm to 6,000 rpm with a repeatability of .2 rpm.
  • Multi Substrate Size Capability

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