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RTP System (RHP150)

RHP150 (6” for Semiconductor or LED)  is the rapid thermal processing system for 150mm silicon wafers which can be used for memory and logic devices. The system is designed to precisely control the temperature and lamp power with optimized multi-zone lamp array and emissivity correction pyrometer. And it also supports better temperature uniformity with the wafer rotation module. The system can be designed as the stand-alone or backbone to meet the customer’s requirement.


  1. RTO, RTA, RTN
  2. High temperature anneal capability for slip-free
  3. Low temperature process capability
  4. 150mm wafers for leading edge devices


  • Temperature control repeatability : < ±1.5℃
  • Process temperature range : 450℃ ~ 1200℃
  • Ramp up & Cool down rate : 200℃/sec & 60℃/sec
  • Particle : <10ea, (over 0.065㎛, 3mm edge exclusion)
  • Metal contamination : < 1+E10 atoms/㎠
  • RTO & RTA uniformity : < 1.0 %, 1 sigma
  • Pressure environment : ATM, vacu

System features

  • Qualified performance and reliability in production
  • Dual chamber configuration as standard (Single chamber is available)
  • Intelligent temperature control system
  • Real-time backside emissivity compensation
  • Excellent oxygen control during processing
  • Lower CoO and CoC
  • Field proven equipment control software

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