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Quartz Horizontal Tubewash

JST’s Quartz Horizontal Tubewash Station allows etching and washing of quartz tubes and miscellaneous quartz components. The unit includes two baths which are identical except one unit comes equipped with a rotation  system. This rotation system provides a uniform cleaning process while minimizing chemical usage by rotating the tubes during the cleaning cycle. The process is controlled by an industrial grade PLC with a touch screen user interface for starting and stopping the process and for setting parameters. Adjustable recipe parameters allow for further flexibility.

The exhausted plenum area provides secondary containment as well as housing for the process baths, chemical reservoir and plumbing components.  Process fumes are pulled down and around the baths into the plenum area and out through the facility exhaust.  Operator controls are conveniently located at eye level.  Electrical and pnuematic controls are located in a purged headcasing for safety and are readily accessible through the hinged front panel.  Valves, filter and pumps are located behind the front access panels for easy serviceability.

The Process 

Load the quartz tube and start the cycle. The tube rotates while the filtered chemical is pumped into the tube. The cycle continues until the predetermined timer expires. The chemical is then filtered and drained into the reservoir for future use. DI water is sprayed on and in the tube, the drain closes and DI water covers the tube and begins a cascade flow for a timed period. Once the cycle is complete, a dump door opens and rapidly drains the rinse water. DI water is sprayed on the tubes for a final rinse. Once completed, hot nitrogen is sprayed to dry the tubes.

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