MOCVD Heater Filaments

For nearly 20 years Rhenium Alloys has been the leader in production of the highest quality rhenium heater filaments for the MOCVD Industry. Rhenium Alloys has been the OEM for many of the world’s most reputable and respected MOCVD equipment manufacturers, along with being the specialty filament supplier for the most revolutionary and technology leading LED companies in the world.

Rhenium Alloys produces Rhenium Heater Filaments for today’s most reputable systems, and continues to manufacture rhenium filaments for legacy systems including the D125, D180 and D300 units. OEM and customer specific versions are also being produced daily. Rhenium Alloys can produce rhenium filaments to any customer’s design specifications or thicknesses.
Rhenium Alloys also offers a proprietary, patent pending, surface treatment which increases the heat transfer efficiency of the filament without adding the risk of contamination from steel shot-peening and other aggressive mechanical operations utilized by our competitors. This allows Rhenium Alloys to offer the highest purity Rhenium Heater Filament on the market.
Rhenium Alloys offers discounts on new rhenium filaments with the trade-in of obsolete or old rhenium filaments. Rhenium Alloys can also repair minimally damaged filaments on a case by case basis. Although most repairs return the filaments back to original functionality, Rhenium Alloys does not warranty any repaired filaments.

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