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M400 Liquid flow controller Pinch Type (CMP/SLURRY)

Liquid Flow Controller LFC for SLURRY is a high-quality, high-precision semiconductor and industrial contactless Ultrasonic flow METER.

• Target volume fast precision instantaneous flow control
• Total flow value integration
• Flow rate pulsation filtering
• Using Encoder to monitor the aperture ratio (up and down alarms, etc.) and precisely control it
• Error prevention and precision flow measurement with ultrasonic wave scope function
• Maintenance tool for PC communication for Setup and A/S
• Communication RS-485 (Modbus) provides simultaneous (six) LFC control
• ANALOG Input / Output Control Available (current or voltage)

• High-quality, high-precision semiconductors and industrial contactless Ultrasonic Flow Meter applications
• Built-in pinch valve optimized for slurry control
• Measurement and control of various solutions (DIW, tungsten, ceria, silica, hydrogen peroxide, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia water, etc.)
• RFI/EMI shielding of external power supply noise and input/output due to power separation
• Built-in alarm output (measurement & control alarm)
• High speed control responsiveness: Target Flow Rate ±2% within 1.5 seconds (with encoder)
• Compatibility design with advanced CMP equipment LFC products enables one-on-one replacement (AMAT, EBARA)

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