IR Halogen (EPI) Lamps


Rhenium Alloys manufactures tubular double-ended (T-Style) infrared (IR) Quartz Halogen Lamps. Our primary IR Halogen Lamps are used in the semiconductor industry as a heat source in epitaxial processing of silicon wafers. Our lamps are qualified and approved by leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Rhenium Alloys is the OEM supplier to ASM for their Epsilon and Polygon epitaxial reactors.

ASM OEM Part number 382.1614314301.3 for 300 mm ASM Epsilon & Polygon
ASM OEM Part number 382.16321908CO1.3** for ASM E2000 Product Line (Standard 6K 17 Support)
ASM OEM Part number 382.10648025HTP.3*** for ASM ( New Long Life 6K 25 Support)

Our proprietary process ensures minimal filament sag, thereby ensuring long life.

Rhenium Alloys’ quartz halogen lamps convert approximately 90% input energy into IR radiant heat. In combination with reflectors, the infrared energy can be evenly distributed and optimum temperatures are achieved. Infrared Heater Lamps create an extremely clean, safe, and efficient heat energy source.

Rhenium Alloys’ Lamps deliver Rapid Thermal Response full emitted power within 100 milliseconds.

In addition to those for the semiconductor industry, Rhenium Alloys supplies many other specialty halogen infrared (IR) lamps for commercial and industrial applications. We have the capability and expertise to manufacture to customer specifications for new equipment builds and/or any specialty lamp needs.

We have many halogen lamp products that are not listed online. We can supply lamps for nearly any application. Contact us at with your specific need or if you require additional information for a halogen lamp.

Features and Benefits of Rhenium Quartz Infrared Halogen Lamps

  • Delivers Rapid Thermal Response
  • Converts 90% electrical input into IR radiant heat
  • IR Halogen Lamp Tubulation Process
  • High Quality Standards produce superior long lasting lamps Quartz lamps are high-temperature heat sources with potentially high-radiant energy concentration – when lamps are installed close together – deliver maximum power density of equipment and process time. High temperature in a very short time on the wafer and short process cycle.

Equipment Applications

  • CVD Chemical Vapor Deposit
  • Polysilicon Deposition
  • Epitaxy / Epitaxial Processing
  • RTP Rapid Thermal Process
  • Oxidation
  • Ion Implant Annealing

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