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Installations, Inspections, & Audits

KFPI Semiconductor Fire Safety Expertise Includes Fire Suppression System:


Fire Safety System Installations from the global leader in semiconductor & Flat Panel Display fire risk engineering.

Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) is recognized as the global leader in the field of semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) fire risk engineering. KFPI has a worldwide reputation for delivering specialized semiconductor and FPD industry solutions. KFPI maintains staffs of professional semiconductor fire safety technicians at strategic locations all over the globe. Our world-class technicians insure that KFPI fire safety systems are properly installed and ready for process tools to be turned on with confidence. KFPI global installation technicians continue to set the standard for onsite installations, anywhere in the world.

Decades of Installation Experience in the Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, Solar, & Defense Industries.

KFPI global installation teams have decades of combined experience in the Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, Solar, & Defense Industries, acting as both technical and compliance consultants as well as hands-on professionals. Our teams have experience that includes working with various types of equipment manufacturers, ranging from international startup companies to the largest multi-national process tool makers. Our experience includes installation of fire system components internal to process tools, in addition to installation of external fire safety systems in literally every part of the world where semiconductor manufacturing takes place.

KFPI is internationally recognized as the proven leader in the semiconductor industry. KFPI understands that the cleanroom environment is unique in today’s manufacturing, and the requirements for cleanliness, performance, and business continuity are critical to the success of any semiconductor operation. KFPI is 100% dedicated to solutions for clean room manufacturing, including semiconductor, LCD-TFT, FPD, and photovoltaic, with services and support worldwide.

All of our fire protection systems are designed with the end user in mind, to ensure compliance and protection adequacy, along with reliability, performance, and longevity.

  • Expertise in Semiconductor and FPD Manufacturing
  • Global Consistency for Worldwide Locations
  • Customized Solutions to Meet Customer Requirements
  • Understanding of International Codes & Compliance
  • Management of Fire Risks for Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Field Engineers with Clean Room Experience
  • Training for Safety, Facility, and Equipment Personnel
  • 100% Dedicated to Worldwide Semiconductor and FPD Industries
  • Independent and Consistent Risk Surveys, Risk Engineering Analysis, and Risk Management
  • Custom Tailored Analysis and Reporting
  • Accurate Loss Estimates on Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis for Risk Mitigation Recommendations
  • Fire Protection Design, Plan Review, Installation Audits, and Acceptance Testing Certification
  • Business Impact Analysis and Mitigation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery
  • Human Element Safety Programs and Training
  • Loss Investigations, Expert Witness, and Forensic Engineering

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