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Degasser/Degassing module

This degassing module is aimed to remove microbubbles from High Purity water or chemical applications

Size (mm) Ø89.1×296(H)
Material Body SUS 304
Hollow fiber PTFE
Surface area of hollow fiber, ㎡ 1.32
Capacity (volume) of hollow fiber, CC 260
Degassing performance, % ≥92
Fluid(DIW) Temp., °C 25
Flow rate, Mlpm 50
Inlet DO, ppm 8.5
Pressure (Vacuum), kPa (abs) 5.4
Tube side max, Temp., °C 40
Tube side max, Press., Mpa 0.3
Shell side Operation, Press., kPa 4.2~100
Shell side max, Press., Mpa 0.2
Inspection items Appearance,
Degassing performance

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