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International Polymer Solutions

International Polymer Solutions Inc (iPolymer), a merger of two brand names providing more than a quarter-century of quality service to the marketplace.TEQCOM Industries and BECO Manufacturing now combine forces as iPolymer for the manufacture of High-Purity Fluid Handling Solutions for both standard and custom industrial  applications.  iPolymer high-purity fluid handling and actuation products are ideal for applications requiring engineered performance.



They work with PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PVC, PEEK, Polypropylene and other specialty polymer-based materials.  They stock a standard line of high-purity products, including:

• Solenoid Valves
• Pneumatic Valves
• Manual Valves
• Air Cylinders
• Hand Spray Devices
• Fittings
• Filter Assemblies
• Process Tanks
• Fluid-Handling products

In addition, they are equipped to fabricate custom tanks, boxes, benches, cabinets and fluid-handling systems to fit your specific needs. With their extensive capability of in-house CNC Machining, Routing and Plastic Welding, we invite you to explore how iPolymer can deliver custom fabricated solutions to your specification.



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