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Two Cassette Sorter – TCS-Series

The TCS-Series is designed for automatic sorting based on wafer Id’s.
With this system it is possible to split, merge, sort, compress wafer-lots, or create individual wafer-mix as desired. The system is equipped with two load-ports, mechanical wafer notch/flat-aligner, and a waferID Reader.

The waferhandling is realized via edge gripping, so no vacuum is required.
The system is equipped also with a automatic Mass Wafer Gripper to transfer a whole batch.
Models available for 100, 125, 150 and 200mm wafers.

Throughput up to 700 wph
Low cost of ownership
Tabletop system or with stand
No vacuum needed
Single and Mass Wafertransfer
Full SECS/GEM compliance
Windows operating system
ESD safe
Waferbackside ID-reading possible
RFID Cassette Identification on request
Reliable and no wearing parts

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