RF Test Boxes

RF Global Solutions are able to offer a wide range of RF Test Boxes to complement your RF Equipment.


The custom design RF Test Boxes are available for the following;

  • Advanced Energy (AE)
  • ENI
  • MKS
  • Comdel

On of the proudcts is the  AMT P5000 Controller Test Box, this gives the end user the ability to;


  • Manually tune the matching network to prove the network is able to operate within a range of processes.
  • To see tune point positions of both the load and tune arms (feedback received from customers has been extremely positive and we have been told this is invaluable for assessing any differences that may exist between individual matching networks within the same cluster tool running the same process. Engineers can also use this tool to gain an understanding of subtle differences between chambers).
  • To tune the phase and magnituted of the matching network after tuning has been achieved in manual mode, thus calibrating the matching network on site and reducing down time.
  • Adjust overall RF gain set to give an indication of the need to adjust gain set on matching network for optimal operation.

All RF Test Boxes are backed up by our industry leading warranty and are supplied with comprehensive user documentation.

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