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Refurbished Tracks (developers/coaters)

ACT 8/12 (ACT 8: 100-200mm Substrates / Act 12: 200-300mm) – ACT 8/12 coat/develop systems are world-renowned for their outstanding performance and reliability. High-speed robotics provide throughputs that meet the demands of most advanced scanners utilizing 7-tier thermal modules and stacked spin units.

Mark 7/8 (100-200mm Substrates) – The MARK 7/8 triple arm transfer increase throughput over competing systems. Four tier stacked hot plates reduce system footprint while enhancing process control. Reduced chemical use makes this one of the lowest CoO systems available. Random Path wafer flows.

Mark Vz (3″-150mm Substrates) – The MARK Vz features a two tier hot plate system that reduces overall system footprint compared with competitive systems of its class. It is ideal for all substrates, including GaAs and other fragile materials and offers random path capabilities to streamline wafer flow and performance.

90-S/SE Series (100-200mm Substrates) – The 90-S/SE tracks are robotic handling systems with higher throughput than the 8X Series systems. The 90-S/SE uses the exclusive Multipath™ transfer algorithm and stacked heat/chill modules for maximum throughput for your specific product application. Rite Track is the exclusive product owner of the SVG 90-S/SE series product line (acquired in 2003) including the SVG 90-S/SE Coater, SVG 90-S/SE Developer. (2003 press release)

88e Series (100-200mm Substrates) – The 88e is a 200mm capable processing tool based on the very successful 88 Series systems. However, we didn’t just “scale-up” the modules, we redesigned the heat/chill stations and the spin stations for optimal processing of the larger substrates. The 88e is targeted for those fabs that need 200mm process capability, but don’t have the budget for the higher priced alternatives. In addition, if your fab is using other 8X equipment, the transition to the 88e is painless.

88 Series (3″-150mm Substrates) – If you need in-line processing with robotic handling, the 88 Series is the system for you. The 88 Series has all the features of the 86 Series with some improvements available only for robotic systems. Rite Track has added exclusive enhancements specifically for fragile substrate processing. Rite Track is the exclusive product owner of the SVG 88 series product line (acquired in 2003) including the SVG 88 Coater, SVG 88 Developer, and SVG 88 Scrubber. (2003 press release)

86 Series (1.5″square ,2″-150mm round Substrates) – – The time-proven workhorse of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the 86 Series track systems are seeing new life in the MEMS, thin film head, and solar cell industries. Rite Track has upgraded the 86 series to sub micron processing capability with the addition of optional features. The 86 series offers one of the most reliable and highest throughput systems in its class. The 86 series is one of the few track systems on the market that can handle square and rectangular substrates. Rite Track is the exclusive product owner of the SVG 86 series product line (acquired in 2003) including the SVG 86 Coater, SVG 86 Developer, and SVG 86 Scrubber. (2003 press release)

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