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Quarz Boat Loader – QBL-Series

The QBL Mass Wafer Transfer tool is cabable of wafer transfer from plastic to quarz and vice versa.
With this automatic system it is possible to transfer all wafer of a cassette to a quarz carrier. The system is equipped with two cassette-stations, mechanical wafer notch/flat-aligner, and a Grippermechanism.
Models available for 100, 125, 150 and 200mm wafers.

Possible Transfer Modes:

Storage Cassette -> Quarz Carrier
Process Cassette -> Quarz Carrier
Plastic Cassette -> Plastic Cassette (source cassette must be replaced with the target cassette)

Throughput up to 2000 wph
Low cost of ownership
Integrated Flat/Notch Aligner
Edge gripping
No vacuum needed
Full SECS/GEM compliance
Windows operating system
ESD safe
RFID Cassette Identification on request

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