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Mass Wafer Transfer Maschine - WTM-Series - EMP European Market Partner
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Mass Wafer Transfer Maschine – WTM-Series

The WTM Mass Wafer Transfer tool is cabable of wafer transfer from plastic to plastic.
With this automatic system it is possible to transfer all wafer of a cassette to the other. The system is equipped with two cassette-stations, mechanical wafer notch/flat-aligner, and a Grippermechanism.
Models available for 100, 125, 150 and 200mm wafers.

Possible Transfer Modes:

Storage Cassette -> Process Cassette
Process Cassette -> Teflon Cassette
High Profile Cassette -> Low Profile Cassette

Throughput up to 2000 wph
Low cost of ownership
Integrated Flat/Notch Aligner
Edge gripping
No vacuum needed
Full SECS/GEM compliance
Windows operating system
ESD safe
RFID Cassette Identification on request

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