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CF2SCSI / SCSIFLASH-FLOPPY, Teac SCSI Floppy emulator to CF

The Teac SCSI Floppy emulator allows the CF Cards up to 64GB (SLC) and 256GB (MLC) to attach to the SCSI bus. It will be seen as a Floppy Disk Drive by the host computer. The SCSI Teac MO Bridge can emulate many other Teac SCSI Floppy drives and can be programmed to suit the host systems requirements.


example emulations:

FC-1, FD-235HS, FD-235HS-309, FD-235HS-701, FD-235HS-711, FD-235HS-715, FD-235HS-806, FD-235HS-911, FD-235HS-915, FD-235HS-1011, FD-235HS-1101, FD-235HS-1111, FD-235HS-1112, FD-235HS-1125

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