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Bell Jar Chamber Cleaner

JST’s Bell Jar Chamber Cleaner utilizes a proven chemical spray process increasing your Reactors up time.

Standard Features

• Oscillating Chemical & DI Water Spray Manifolds
• On Board Chemical Storage Reservoirs with Filtration
• Purged Electrical Compartments
• Secondary Containment with Leak Detection
• Meets All Applicable SEMI Safety Codes
• Safety Interlocked Sliding Seal Doors
• PLC Recipe Driven Control
• Factory Mutual 4910 Listed Materials
• Exhaust Failure Alarms

Optional Features

• PLC Control and Operator Interface
• DIW Flush System
• Fire Suppression Systems
• SEMI S2 Certification
• CE Marking
• 3rd Party Electrical Inspections
• Clear PVC Windows
• Drain Switching for Water Reclaim
• Chemical Reservoirs and Recirculation Pumps

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