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Automated Wafer Carrier Inspection Systems

The EAGLEi Series was designed to automatically verify critical wafer carrier dimensions. Fabs use the EAGLEi series to quickly identify out-of-tolerance carriers through in-coming and in-process inspection. Removing carriers that do not meet specification will improve wafer transfers, maximize equipment availability, and enhance overall yield through a reduction in wafer breakage and particle contamination.
Automatically verifies critical wafer carrier and FOUP dimensions.
Provides incoming and in-process inspection
Identifies out-of-tolerance wafer carriers
Reduces wafer carrier and FOUP interoperability issues
Windows® 8.1 operating system
Hi Resolution, flat panel screen
All new components
EAGLEi 300 – Available as: New
FOUPs or FOSBs – any manufacturer, color, material
Full automation including FOUP cover removal
EAGLEi 200 – Available as: New

2″ to 200mm
Cassettes & carriers including quartz, Teflon and others – any manufacturer, color, material
CV 9812 and 9800 – Limited Parts and Service Support
Rite Track is the product line owner
Service support available
Limited parts support due to the age and scarcity of CV systems for certified used parts.

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