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Automated Box Washer

JST’s Automated Cleaning System is a self-contained unit designed for cleaning and drying of substrate handling products for silicon or disk drive components. The product is placed onto racks. The racks are loaded into the system’s process chamber for cleaning, rinsing and drying cycle. Color Touchscreen control provides status information and allows operators to select and program process recipes. There is no need for any operator intervention during the process.

JST Automated Cleaning Systems and integral components are designed for long term reliability requiring minimal maintenance. Only reliable, quality, clean room approved components are utilized. Mechanical components for each workstation are designed and manufactured at JST’s production facility. Experienced field service personnel provide design insights and reviews to ensure that optimum maintainability of the station has been incorporated.

• Lead Frames
• SMIF Pods
• Shipping Boxes
• Single Wafer Cassetts

• 304L / 316L Stainless Steel
• Purged Electrical Enclosures
• Exhaust Monitor Arm Failure Alarm
• DIW and N2 Spray Bars
• Recirculating HEPA Filters
• Interlocking Doors
• Liquid Level Sensors

• Flexible Chamber Sizing
• Halar Coated Chamber
• Dynamic Spray Bars
• Multiple Chemical Supply Reservoir
• GEM II / SECS Communications
• Additional IR Heater to Reduce Dry Time

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