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300 CLV Cleaner and Stripping Tool

JST’s 300 CLV Cleaner and Stripping Tool is a completely self contained, dry-to-dry unit designed for cleaning and stripping wafers, optics, disk drives, flat panels and other delicate parts. Just place the product into the dry tank, process through either single or multiple chemical processes, rinse and dry all according to a pre-programmed recipe. There is no need for any operator intervention or mechanical moving parts to maintain.

Two or more primary chemistries are stored ready for use in heated and filtered reservoirs. Following the ultrasonic process cycle, a combination of ultrasonic rinse, de-ionized water spray and an overflow rinse are used to ensure all particles and chemicals are removed. The product is then dried using JST’s patented CLV drying technology. Ultra pure isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is vaporized and used for particle free drying in the closed loop system. While recycling no vapors are emitted into the atmosphere.

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