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jstSince its founding in 1982, JST’s mission has been to design and build efficient-and-cost-effective cleaning and processing products for cleanroom applications and to support these products with superior customer service. They strive to “be the best at what they do.” They care about their customers and their products. It is dedication to customer satisfaction with over thirty years of JST design and manufacturing expertise which is the foundation of their business. JST is a full service design and manufacturing company. Capabilities consist of Process Development and Applications Testing, Engineering Design and Drafting, Manufacturing and Final Test.

Repair Rite Track

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   Torches and CV Mask products


PET-900 Series ExternalTorch– Ultra Pure Steam Generator – No devitrification guaranteed.
CV Mask Disposable, auto-transfer, metal dot CV Mask for use with all types of sputtering equipment.


ExpertechExpertech’s core competency is newly manufactured thermal processing systems with over 50 systems in the field that were designed and fully manufactured by Expertech. In addition, Expertech has an established reputation as a supplier of over 500 remanufactured and refurbished systems originally built by other suppliers. They provide field service, repair parts and upgrades for a wide range of thermal systems manufactured by Expertech and other OEM suppliers.






Mactronix is a leading manufacturer of wafer handling equipment for Semiconductor and Solar Cell Processing, ranging from all manual equipment to semi-automatic systems.

Mactronix served the international Semiconductor and Solar Cell communities in wafer handling equipment that includes: single-wafer handling, mass wafer transferring, wafer sorting and inspection, automated wafer loading and packing for shipping and Solar Cell semi-automated transfer and furnace loading systems. All Mactronix products are engineered, built and designed in the U.S.A. for the customer’s application.

Mactronix takes pride in our vertically integrated manufacturing process. Vertical integration is the key to their expertise by having a research and development team of engineers and technicians with semiconductor equipment and industry fabrication process knowledge on call to handle your wafer handling applications, including customization to meet project specifications.



International Polymer Solutions

International Polymer Solutions Inc (iPolymer), a merger of two brand names providing more than a quarter-century of quality service to the marketplace.TEQCOM Industries and BECO Manufacturing now combine forces as iPolymer for the manufacture of High-Purity Fluid Handling Solutions for both standard and custom industrial  applications.  iPolymer high-purity fluid handling and actuation products are ideal for applications requiring engineered performance.



They work with PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PVC, PEEK, Polypropylene and other specialty polymer-based materials.  They stock a standard line of high-purity products, including:

• Solenoid Valves
• Pneumatic Valves
• Manual Valves
• Air Cylinders
• Hand Spray Devices
• Fittings
• Filter Assemblies
• Process Tanks
• Fluid-Handling products

In addition, they are equipped to fabricate custom tanks, boxes, benches, cabinets and fluid-handling systems to fit your specific needs. With their extensive capability of in-house CNC Machining, Routing and Plastic Welding, we invite you to explore how iPolymer can deliver custom fabricated solutions to your specification.




White Knight Pump Decontamination Instructions


White Knight pumps are designed to pump caustic and otherwise dangerous liquids. Therefore, every pump must be handled as if it contains dangerous chemicals whether or not it actually does. White Knight specifies that if a pump runs under it’s own power that the pump should circulate DI water for twenty minutes before disassembly or double bagging for shipment. If the pump does not run under it’s own power, then DI water should be forced from the inlet, through the outlet for 40 minutes before disassembly or double bagging for shipment. Only those who have been adequately trained in safety with and the handling of acids and other dangerous chemicals should attempt to handle a White Knight pump that has been used. Adequate safety gear appropriate for the chemical that has been in the pump must be used/worn and no attempt should be made to handle the pump until Material Safety Data Sheets (here after MSDS) for the chemical that the pump has been used in have been reviewed. Ph Papers, Showers, antidotes, clean-up equipment, neutralizers, and any other safety devices that could be used for detecting, neutralizing or minimizing effects from the chemical described in the appropriate MSDS must be present as well as emergency numbers for use in the event of an accident. Take great care in the handling of liquids and/or residues contained in these pumps or any other chemical handling equipment. Remember, Safety First.


Any pumps returned to White Knight for warranty evaluation or repair must be complete with all parts and components including but not limited to base plates, mount screws, tubing connectors, tubing connector caps, flare noses, shuttle valves, mufflers, and tubing. Any missing parts will be added to the pump and charged to the customer in the event of repair or replacement, warranty or otherwise.

Removal of Pump From Station:

  1. Disconnect liquid tubing connectors from the front (opposite the externally mounted shuttle valve) of the pump.
  2. Plug npt fittings with PTFE plug, Flare fittings with flare nose cover and cap, or other plug or cap as recommended by connector supplier.
  3. Disconnect air supply tubing from face of shuttle valve.
  4. Loosen mount screw (#20) from Base Plate (#18) using thumb and forefinger but do not completely remove the screw from the base plate.
  5. If another White Knight pump of the same model number is to go into the same application the base plates are interchangeable and the base plate in the station would not need to be removed. Otherwise, the base plate should be removed using the proper tool for the fastening devices (not provided by White Knight) used. (usually allen wrenches or flat head screw driver).
  6. Return all removed parts to the pump.

Return of Pump to White Knight:

  1. After removing the pump from the station the pump must be flushed as described in the attention section of this document.
  2. Remaining DI water in the pump should be drained from the inlet and outlet liquid tubing connectors to the greatest extent possible.
  3. The pump liquid outlets must then be plugged as described in the removal of pump from station section of this document on line two.
  4. Dry off the pump.
  5. Double bag the pump sealing it in thick polyethylene bags.
  6. Return the pump to its original packaging.
  7. Include MSDS for the chemical that the pump was handling in the box with the pump.
  8. Obtain RMA number from White Knight and write it on the outside of the box.

Ship to White Knight following all rules, regulations and laws regarding the shipping of dangerous materials. Ship freight pre-paid. No collect shipments will be accepted. Unauthorized use of White Knight shipping accounts will result in the adding of freight to the bill in addition to a service charge.


EMP is a certified White Knight repair center for Europe.



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White Knight

White.knightWhite Knight manufactures air-operated double-bellows (AODB) pumpsair-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, and metering pumps. Their high-purity pumps are used to delivercirculate,reclaim, and transport chemical fluids andslurries for semiconductorsolarLEDs, flat-panel display, and electronics industries.